1950 – 1953

First race participation for Heinz Melkus with a VW amphibious vehicle and Veritas


Foundation of the private driving school HEINZ MELKUS KG on the family’s premises at the Dresden brewery sales outlet in the Leipziger Straße

Adjacent to the second biggest driving school in Dresden the construction of sports cars was used as the second main financial pillar until Germany’s reunification.


Foundation of the MELKUS GmbH car dealership as the first BMW authorised dealer in the newly reformed federal states of the former East Germany

1994 new construction and move to Dresden-Bühlau

Sale of the car dealership in 2006 to Schloz-Wöllenstein GmbH


Foundation of MELKUS Sportwagen KG by Peter and Sepp Melkus

In 2009 conversion of the limited commercial partnership into Melkus Sportwagen GmbH